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Welcome to Systems Advantage

Systems Advantage is an Australian owned and operated supplier and service provider of a range of quality marine equipment. We pride ourselves on delivering quality products and services to some of the largest luxury yacht builders in South East Queensland and Australia. Over several years we have been able to forge a lasting relationship with some of the leading manufacturers of marine systems, such as Sea-Fire, Kenyon Custom, Delta T Systems and Separ Fuel Filters.

Our corporate head office is located at Hatton Vale in South East Queensland and on the door step of some of the finest builders of luxury yachts Australia has to offer. Our products are often installed in Yachts that travel the World and back, proving their quality and reliability in the harshest of environments.

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Wasp Pure Fuel Systems

WASP Pure Fuel Systems

WASP PFS (Pure Fuel Systems) Ltd invent, design and manufacture customised fuel filtration equipment and fuel additives, including the innovative fuel polishing systems and absolute polishing products.

WASP are leaders in the market and their systems are sold nationally and internationally around the world. They produce unrivalled quality equipment, and in the last 2 years have launched 5 products. WASP PFS Ltd is a division of Separ UK, which means we have over 25 years experience and plenty of heritage and unmatched expertise. The WASP engineering team are the innovators behind all the WASP products, including fuel polishing systems, fuel filters, fuel additives, oil change systems and the invention of Absolute Polishing®.

That’s why WASP PFS Ltd is branded, innovative and trusted.


Sea-Fire Marine

Sea-Fire Marine, World Leader in Marine Fire Suppression Technology, is not just a company; it is a company of people dedicated to the protection of people and their investments. Sea-Fire have obtained acceptance from the National Marine Safety Committee (NMSC) in Australia for Commercial Vessels using the MD FM200 Manual Only Series systems or with Sea-Fire’s FM-200 Automatic and Manual/Automatic fire suppression systems, boaters enjoy the peace of mind only constant protection provides. Onboard and always on, Sea-Fire’s FG and FD Pre-Engineered product lines offer the ultimate in 24/7 fire protection: fully automatic, with no hands-on firefighting required.


Kenyon Custom

Kenyon Custom specializes in designing and building high quality cook tops and grills to meet the requirements of today’s chefs. Unique designs incorporating the latest in cooking technology for the home, marine, Morerecreational vehicle, hospitality, military and academic housing markets.


NEWMAR Electronics

NEWMAR has been a leading manufacturer of electronic power products for over 30 years.

• Battery Chargers
• AC to DC Power Supplies
• Power Supplies with Built-in Battery Back-up
• Complete Communication Power Rack Systems
• DC-DC Converters
• Electrical Panels and Panel Accessories
• DC Power Conditioners and Filters
• Communication Accessories
• Electronic Installation AccessoriesMore


Delta T Systems

Delta T Systems manufacture a complete range of engine room ventilation products from inlet to outlet including:

  • Fans and Blowers
  • Dampers and Closures
  • Moisture Eliminators and Vents
  • Control Systems and Accessories


Separ Filters

Separ Filters remove 99.9% of the free water and solid contaminants found in diesel fuel. A five-stage filtration process and compact design make them the ideal choice for industrial and marine applications. Separ Filters are designed for the next generation of diesel engines.

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